I am a certified preschool teacher with years of experience in art and working with children in many different areas. I opened my own home daycare with the mission of creating an environment that ONLY focuses on transparency and giving love to the kids and of course, their families.


A little about my background:

Since I remember I have been painting and making art! From portrait, oil painting, acrylic, drawing, pastel, and watercolor to making candles, doing Interior Design, Graphics Design and a lot more. I started teaching Painting to children when I was only 15; and that was when I began interacting with kids on a daily basis. Even when I was doing my Undergrads in Genetics and Microbiology, I was still teaching Art in my free time. I graduated in 2011, worked for multiple daycares and got married a year after. I started a small face-painting business while I was taking care of infants at my home. Working with children has been so joyful for me that every step I take in my personal and professional life somehow relates to them. About a year ago I got my certification in Early Childhood Education and officially started my career at a daycare center.

By working as a teacher for multiple daycares for a long time, I realized that the business owners have little (if not zero!) knowledge about children and their needs. Therefore, any activity that happens in majority of the existing daycare centers focuses on one primary goal, and that is the "business expansion". Unfortunately it is regularly seen that "quality activities" that are necessary for children's growth are abandoned due to misalignment with the business goals. I want this to change! I want to create a system that the children, their growth and their future shape every second of their time at my daycare.

These kids are the future of our society. Let's build a better future together!

Check out some of my art:

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